Teacher Training Application Form

*Please give details of your Yoga experience in minimum 500 words giving thought to the following in your summary

  • How long you have practised Yoga and where

  • What led you to Yoga and continues to inspire you about Yoga

  • How frequently you attend classes

  • Describe your current self practice and do you have a meditation practice

  • What styles of Yoga you have practised and are you drawn to any particular style and why

  • what do you consider your personal challenges in your practice

*Please detail any Yoga retreats, weekend courses or workshops you have attended in the last three years

*Please give an indication of your state of health and include any special needs or disabilities that need consideration

*Are you a member of a Yoga organisation (include BWY membership number if applicable)

How confident do you feel about the following practices tick the box most appropriate to how you perceive your current knowledge

Breathing Practices
Relaxation techniques
Yoga Philosophy

*Please write a short explanation as to why you wish to do this course consider, the special qualities you think make a good Yoga teacher, why do you think you could make a good Yoga teacher and why do you wish to undertake the Yoga-Yoga TTC?

*Please tell us about your interests and hobbies you have so we can get to know a bit more about you and what you enjoy in life!

We require two references; a reference from someone who knows you and is happy to support your application and who can to give an assessment of your suitability for the course with a brief character reference. A current teacher's reference – see Download Link below

Upload File
Max File Size 15MB

Please either email or send your personal reference and completed Teacher Reference form to the address below OR you can use the "upload file" button above if you have these references already completed and have access to them.

Louise Cashin, 
9 Marston Road, 
Teddington TW11 9JU

** If I am your teacher I will complete your form**

N.B. Closing date for applications February 5th 2021

We appreciate you visiting our website, thank you.

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