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Louise Cashin established Yoga-Yoga in December 2001. Having spent many years in corporate roles, she had regularly practised Yoga and meditation as a way of coping better with the demands of an executive career. Why Yoga-Yoga?


“One Yoga is for the Yoga we do in a class, the second Yoga is the Yoga we learn to apply in our every day life. The more we practice Yoga in a class the more we realise that Yoga isn't just something we do on a mat with a teacher but a lifestyle, a whole way of living and thinking that creates a more harmonious way of looking at things and relating to others ”

Louise has worked with a wonderful community of teachers organising Yoga-Yoga classes and events and supporting her colleagues with their teaching. Since 2011 Louise has been delivering Yoga teacher training and has focussed more on providing therapeutic Yoga sessions to individual clients and small groups. In 2014 Yoga-Yoga launched a teacher training course designed and developed by Louise and her dedicated team, accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals. This course continues as a focus for Yoga-Yoga and provides high quality training from experts passionate about their subject/s.

About Louise

I have practised Yoga regularly for about 27 years and taught since 2002, I believe Yoga is a practice for both body and mind and that is how I approach my teaching. In my classes I invite students to focus inward in order to feel and express a given Yoga pose rather than impose some visual idea of a perfect posture onto an unsuspecting body! For me, progress in Yoga practice is an inside job and a deeply personal experience. As my teacher and mentor says "When we practice Yoga from an interior perspective, the body becomes mindful and the mind becomes embodied" Donna Farhi. I see Yoga as the balance between ease and effort not only in postures, but also in the way we breathe, concentrate and relax in a class. And when we can regularly find this equipoise in class we can begin to find it in our daily lives too, and that’s when the magic happens! Yoga really can enrich your life in so many ways, some you haven’t even thought of yet. I look forward to meeting you on your Yoga mat.

About Yoga

Regular practice brings so many benefits from increased movement and suppleness in the body to improved circulation and better posture. Yoga is also widely acknowledged as an excellent stress management tool, helping us relax and sleep better.

Yoga improves the health and fitness of our body, mind and spirit and is a wonderful way to keep fit, happy and healthy. Attending a regular Yoga class is a great way to develop stamina and strength in the body and improve your emotional wellbeing.

People come to Yoga for different reasons, whatever your reason I am sure you will find so much more than you ever expected.

We appreciate you visiting our website, thank you.

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